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Bringing blockchain to businesses, based on hands-on experience and executed projects. We are specialized in supporting SMEs in understanding and integrating blockchain.

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Our Services

Strategic Blockchain Advisory

Insights into business model prototyping, use case discovery, market analysis, corporate law preparations resulting in an executable strategy.

Development and Design of Blockchain Solutions

Discover, design and rapidly prototype blockchain solutions from proof-of-concept, MVP to a go-live version. Utilize our white-label tech stack for primary and secondary market solutions.

Education and Speaker

We offer training and teaching seminars, workshops, talks, as well as instructive materials on blockchain technology and related fields of application. In addition we support students globally with their respective theses.

Token Economics Modelling

Design sensible token solutions that add value to your business model. Align incentives and reduce cost resulting in long term value accruel.

Joint Ventures

Jointly build new blockchain-based platforms and business models while leveraging our tech-stack, knowledge bases and network.

Primary market (issuance) solution.
Applied for Real Estate.


‣ Financial Regulator approved business model 13.12.2018 >

‣ Legal Framework Real Estate with Blockchain Technology explained >

‣ First tokenized and transacted Real Estate Property on the Blockchain >

‣ Rent pay-outs using DLT Technology >

Secondary market (trading) Solution.
Automated Market Making for digital assets.


‣ 2019 April; Launch Announcement >

‣ Technical details >

Tech Stack


Architecture (Serverless / Backend)  >
Smart contracts v1 (documentation) >
Smart contracts v2 (documentation) >
Gitlab smart contracts >
All tech blog posts >

Tech Audits

Penetration Testing with Hosho  >
Audit 1 with New Alchemy  >
Audit 2 with ChainSecurity >
Ongoing public bug bounty >

and more:

Blog, Blockimmo  >
Blog, STX.SWISS  >
Whitelabel solution available >

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